Players will find Poker Ride to be a more enjoyable version of video poker in many ways. Poker Ride, after all, is a progressive variation of standard video poker (i.e., the game carries a progressive jackpot for lucky players). Players, nonetheless, have the same objective with Poker Ride and standard video poker, namely, to get the best possible five-card hand.

Interested people who want to enjoy good prizes can play Poker Ride in various online casinos. These venues include Platinum Play, 7 Sultans, Royal Vegas, Vegas Palms Casino, and All Slots.

Software Performance

With Microgaming technology as its foundation, Poker Ride is easy to play. This is especially true for people who already know the mechanics of poker including calling and raising a bet. Players will find that the following aspects of software performance (i.e., features and functions) contribute to their betting pleasure:

• Fast response time to user commands (i.e., no freeze or hang time)

• Clean, streamlined and organized layout with three betting circles and optional bet circle in the screen’s middle

• Disable and enable, including adjustments, of sounds

• Game statistics provided

Players who are familiar with Texas Hold’em and Let It Ride will find Poker Ride familiar and, thus, can quickly dive into the play. Just keep in mind that in Poker Ride, a player plays against the house (i.e., computer), not against other players.

Quality of Animation

Microgaming software is well known among online casino aficionados as a great gaming application. In the case of Poker Ride, players appreciate the vivid images, readable fonts, and bright colors used in the game’s graphics as well as the lively music in the background.

Even the important buttons, such as the Raise and Call buttons, and the payout table are prominently displayed. Players will have an easier time making the decision and clicking on the appropriate buttons.

Betting Options

Players have a wide range of betting options ranging from $0.50 (minimum bet) to $100.00 (maximum bet). Bettors also have the option of making side bets, which increases the chances for raking in the huge progressive jackpot pool even without the royal flush hand.

The prizes for Poker Ride can be summarized as follows:

• Straight flush – Get 10 percent of the progressive jackpot

• Four of a kind – Get 400 units

• Full house – Get 100 units

• Flush – Get 50 units

Note: A player must have a pair of tens, at the very least, to win the jackpot pool. He must also make higher bets to win higher prizes albeit doing so can also mean greater losses.
The pay table for Poker Ride includes:

• Pair of tens 1:1

• 2 pair 2:1

• Three of a kind 3:1

• Straight 5:1

• Flush 8:1

• Full house 11:1

• Four of a kind 50:1

• Straight flush 200:1

• Royal flush 1,000:1

Playing Mechanics

Poker Ride has a standard deck of 52 cards so there are no wild cards. Players usually follow these steps:

• Make a bet.

• Click Deal to get three cards dealt face up; the dealer gets two cards face down

• Make a decision to call or raise.

• Wait for the dealer’s card to be turned over and make the decision to call or raise; the process will be repeated two times before the results are known

What’s Hot and What’s Not

Poker Ride is a popular video poker game for the following reasons:

• Opportunity to win a percentage of the progressive jackpot with a straight flush

• Unique format

• Great graphics and sound

But players will find the absence of the wild cards as a drawback. The game also involves more “chance” than “strategy”.




Poker Ride

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