Players who have been searching for a little international flair in their slots games should be drawn to the appeal of La Chatte Rouge, one of Playtech’s most impressive offerings. Offering stakes that go beyond the average slots game, La Chatte Rouge should appeal to new players, veterans, and even the high rolling bettors.

Visuals and Presentation

The aim of the theme is to evoke the class and luxury of a casino on the French Riviera, and Playtech has done admirably to capture the right kind of atmosphere. The underlying premise in the game puts the player in a situation where they are taking a mysterious lady on a high class date. The woman is known as La Chatte Rouge, or The Red Cat, as the name translates to English.

The icons are appropriately luxurious, and players will be treated to gorgeous renderings of a single red rose, champagne in a luxury ice bucket, a pair of designer heels, and more. Even the high icons 9 to Ace have a fancy embellishment, represented by the sparkling diamonds that adorn each of these icons.

Overall the theme feels high class and exclusive, and when it comes to the high roller players, this will no doubt please their tastes.


The game revolves around five reels, 25 paylines, and the coin sizes go from 0.01 to 5.00. There are eight denominations in total, allowing players extensive customization of their total bet. The maximum bet is an impressive 1250, so as has been mentioned, high rollers will be very pleased with what Playtech is offering here.

The wild symbol in La Chatte Rouge does more than make up lines of regular symbols, because players will be automatically rewarded if two or more appear in sequence on an enabled payline. Five wild symbols in a row will award the maximum fixed jackpot.

Scatter symbols also offer payouts when two or more appear, and if there are three or more they will trigger free spin mode. Free spin mode reveals five beautiful burlesque dancers on screen, and the player will choose one to determine how many free spins are awarded. The highest number of spins is 23, and if the wild symbol appears during a free spin the payout will be tripled.

Jackpots and Bonuses

It was mentioned that five wild symbols would trigger the primary fixed jackpot. Players will be pleased to learn that the jackpot is a whopping 10,000 coins! The second jackpot is slightly more modest, at only 2000 coins. Even so, the large fixed jackpot is enough to keep players interested during gameplay.

On top of free spin mode, there’s an additional bonus game built in to the software. If the Hat Bonus symbol appears on reels two, three, and four, the bonus game will activate. It’s a simple guessing game where the player will choose either a black or white rabbit to be drawn from a hat. An animated magician will then pull nine rabbits from the hat, and depending on the color the player picked, the total matching rabbits will determine the bonus. Even if no rabbits match the players color, they will still be awarded a payout with a 10x multiplier on their original bet.

What’s Hot

Almost everything the game has to offer is a standout feature. The free spins, bonus game, high max bet, upscale design, and of course the huge fixed jackpot will be loved by online slots fans.

What’s Not

There’s no progressive jackpot, but most will overlook this in light of the large fixed jackpot.

Final Thoughts

Players that haven’t tried La Chatte Rouge should check it out as soon as possible. It’s one of Playtech’s best games, and it does everything that one would expect of a premium game. Big bets, big jackpots, and a unique theme mean endless hours of fun for players of all levels.


La Chatte Rouge

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