If you are looking for an online video Poker game with a difference, then Joker Poker by Microgaming is the game for you. This charming, feature-rich online Poker game is sure to keep many Poker players entertained for hours. The game offers players the option to double, an automatic re-bet function, Wild card, and more. Unfortunately, after a Royal Flush payout there is a considerable decrease in the amounts that can be won, though. Also, although the Wild card is such a great bonus feature, there is only one available.

The game is produced by Microgaming, one of the world’s best known gaming software developers. Those familiar with their games know that they produce high quality games full of fun and interesting bonus features. A standard feature with Microgaming’s games is the auto-play function and this function is available in Joker Poker. For those that are new to the world of online casino games, the auto-play function enables players to carry on with other things while the game continues to function. This means that the player does not need to be actively involved with the software for the game to operate.

Joker Poker gets its name from the Joker card which acts as the single Wild card in the game. The Wild Joker card is used to complete a winning combo. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the software automatically converts the Joker to a denomination or suit that the player needs in order to receive the highest payout. When the Wild Joker turns up in a hand, the player wins 5,000 coins. Even if the player does not possess the Wild Joker but does hold a Royal Flush, the same amount is awarded.

As with most of Microgaming’s online casino games, Joker Poker has features that allow the player to customize the game to their particular preferences. For example, if the player prefers, the sounds can be disabled. The player can also opt to have the game speed up so that there is no time wasted between rounds. There are some helpful hints offered as well. The hints are useful because they assist the player during the game. The hints also inform the player of the best mathematical decision available pertaining to the cards they have been dealt. Of course, the final decision of how to play their hand will rest entirely on the player and they can act according to their own discretion.

The Joker Poker online casino game operates with a deck of 53 cards instead of the usual 52, because of the extra Wild card in the form of the Joker. The user interface is easy to navigate and all the buttons the player needs are situated at the bottom of the screen. Once the player has decided on the amount that they wish to wager, they can indicate this by clicking on the appropriate buttons. There is also a “max bet” button offered for those players who do not want to stipulate their betting parameters at the start of each hand and simply want to bet the maximum amount each time.

Once the player is satisfied with their wager they can then click on the “Deal” button to set the game in motion. The Dealer will deal out 5 cards to the player who will choose which of the cards to hold by clicking on the appropriate ones. Once the player has made their decision, they then click on the “Draw” button which will see new cards dealt to them to fill out their hand. If the player has a winning hand they can increase their chances by “Doubling”. This is a great feature that allows the player to select a face-down card to go against the Dealer’s face-up card. If the player’s card exceeds the value of the Dealer’s card, they win double the amount of the original win. The player can continue with this or cash in at any time.


Joker Poker Online – The Game Of Poker But With A Fun Twist

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