Thanks to the fact that it offers a progressive jackpot, a Stats function, and Wild cards as well, the Jackpot Deuces Poker video casino game is sure to be a winner with many online Poker players. Of course, those that indulge in online Poker playing know that there are some noteworthy differences, not least of all the obvious fact that the game is not taking place in a real, brick and mortar casino at a real casino Poker table. This naturally means that they are not pitting their talents and experience against other Poker players. Instead, the game is between the player and the house, or casino.

Nevertheless, there is something to be said for online Poker games such as the Jackpot Deuces Poker casino game. For one thing, there are none of the distractions one would normally have to contend with in a real casino. For another, the player is able to customize the game to suit their personal preferences as well. Furthermore, the game is designed to offer features that are not available in the real-world versions of the game. However, although Jackpot Deuces Poker has much to recommend it, players should take note that, in this version, they are required to place maximum bets and the payouts are top-heavy.

The Jackpot Deuces online casino game is yet another title produced and designed by Microgaming. This company leads the way when it comes to casino gaming software and has an excellent reputation. They are world famous for producing games that are aesthetically pleasing, full of useful features, and of a high quality. This is true with this offering as well. What is more, crossover players will also appreciate the fact that this game is easy to play. Because of this fact, Jackpot Deuces, and other Poker games software like it, will appeal not only to online Poker players, but to those more familiar with games such as Blackjack, for instance. The handy Help section also assists novice players when it comes to understanding the game more effectively.

As is to be expected, Jackpot Deuces is played with a deck of 52 playing cards. The Deuces in the deck are considered as Wild cards. For those that are still relatively new to this game and not familiar with the terms, “Deuce” refers to cards that have a value of 2. What is great about this game is that the software is designed to automatically assign the Deuce so that the best winning combination possible is assured. To guarantee that the cards are dealt randomly, they are shuffled thoroughly prior to every new deal.

The user interface is streamlined and easy to navigate. All the buttons the player needs are located at the bottom of the screen and consist of Hold, Draw, and Deal buttons. When the player clicks on the “Deal” button they are dealt 5 cards. The software will identify the Wild cards and hold them as well as identify the hand that happens to have the best chance of a win. Although the software fulfills this function, the final decision about what to do with the hand rests with the player. If the player chooses to hold different cards to those suggested by the software they may do so. Once this part of the action is completed it is then determined whether or not the player is due a payout.

As mentioned above, Jackpot Deuces also has a progressive jackpot. The jackpot is available if the player holds a Diamond Royal Flush, which means they have a hand consisting of the 10 to Ace of diamonds. However, the player can only win the progressive jackpot with the Diamond Royal Flush provided that they have wagered the maximum $5 bet. If the player has wagered less than this, they will not receive the progressive jackpot even if they are holding the necessary cards.

Jackpot Deuces

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