If you’re looking for a different take on a classic like blackjack, you may want to give Gold Series Pontoon a try. Gold Series Pontoon Blackjack is not an easy game but the customization options and statistics give players some control and enable essential adjustments for a more pleasurable experience. The following review will acquaint you with all of the important game characteristics.

Game Overview
The Gold Series Pontoon graphics create a realistic casino feeling. The game comes with betting on multiple hands and follows the rules of standard blackjack. A few important exceptions need to be taken in consideration. There is specific terminology associated to the game (the standard blackjack is replaced by the term pontoon, which gives the game its name).

Various customization options are available. Players can control the game speed, which is essential for beginners. If you’re just getting started, you may need a bit of additional time to understand what’s going on and how to play. There are four speed levels – slow, medium, fast and fastest.

The game features background sound and music. The good news is that these can be adjusted, as well. Gold Series Pontoon comes with volume adjustments and it’s also possible to turn the music off altogether.

How to Play Gold Series Pontoon
As in any other blackjack game, your main goal in Gold Series Pontoon is to get a total amount in your hand that is bigger that the dealers’ hand and that doesn’t exceed 21.

Players should pay attention to some of the blackjack terms used in Gold Series Pontoon. As already mentioned, the term pontoon is used instead of blackjack. Twist is the other term that’s specific to this particular blackjack variation. This term refers to a hit after the player has been dealt two cards.

Gold Series Pontoon is played with eight decks of cards on five spaces. Players are allowed to bet on all of the available spaces. They have to take additional cards if their hand totals 14 or has a lower value.

Keep in mind that both of the dealer cards are received face down. The player will have to make predictions and take decisions without benefiting from this additional information. This is one of the reasons why Gold Series Pontoon is considered a rather challenging game.

When playing the game, you van rely on several fun and practical features. Use the auto-rebet button to make the same bet for the same amount in every hand. The quick deal option is useful if you want to speed up the dealing process. For betting suggestions, use the game statistics. The statistics will show you performance data and give you some good suggestions for your next hand. In addition, you can try the expert mode and the automatic play feature.

Gold Series Pontoon has a lot of information for beginners. The manual is useful and detailed but the several specific characteristics of this game may necessitate some getting used to. Gold Series Pontoon will appeal to anyone who is passionate about blackjack but would like to try a different variation of the game.

Gold Series Pontoon Biggest Advantages
Several features turn this game into a challenging and exciting version of traditional blackjack:

  • A chance to play five simultaneous hands
  • Automatic play and a vast range of customization features
  • A somewhat modified version of traditional blackjack
  • Good visuals and quality animations

A Few Shortcomings
The following shortcomings may interfere with the player’s experience:

  • No hands-up dealer cards, which makes the game more difficult
  • Unusual rules that will take some getting used to


Gold Series Pontoon

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