The Gold Series Hi Low 13 European Blackjack online casino game is a part of Microgaming’s Gold Series. Microgaming is a leading games software developer and as such, players can expect some interesting features and great quality. Since this is a Microgaming online casino game, it includes a Regular mode and an Expert mode. In the Expert mode, players can take advantage of the auto-play feature, which allows them to continue playing the game even when they are not interacting with the software. There are also some strategy features available as well. The highlight of this particular game is the fact that players can place a side bet depending upon the value of the first two cards that they are dealt. The bet is on whether the two cards add up to less than 13, more than 13, or equal to 13. However, the side bet can only be made if the player is playing the basic game.

When it comes to the game’s advantages one has to take not of the Hi Lo side bets that players can employ. There is also the auto-play option with a strategy card. Aside from that, the soundtrack is rather impressive as well, especially the Dealer’s voice, which is very effective in setting a real-life environment feel to the game. All sounds can be customized according to the player’s preferences. Unfortunately, there are a couple of less than great features as well, such as the fact that players are faced with certain restrictions when it comes to the Double Down option. What is more, unlike in real Blackjack, there is no re-splitting of hands permitted in this version.

In the Gold Series Hi Low 13 European Blackjack online game, play commences with the player selecting his or her preferred coin denomination. Once they have made their selection, the player must then click on the relevant betting areas in order to establish their wager. Once this has been done, there are two further options that become available. One is the “Clear Bet” button. If the player clicks on this, their bet is cleared. The second option is the “Deal” button, which is self-explanatory.

The player will be dealt two cards and one is dealt to the Dealer. The player’s side bet is decided immediately and is dependent upon the value of the cards that they have. Once the bet is settled, the chips are then removed. This is when the player must decide to hit, stand, split, double, or take insurance.

Auto-play is a standard feature in Microgaming games and is useful in allowing the player to set a certain amount of deals as well as the time gap between them. Furthermore, the player has the option to decide various conditions that will bring auto-play to an end. For instance, the player can set the game so that it will cease whenever there is a win, whether of a pre-determined amount, or not. The auto-play feature functions according to a standard optimum strategy that is entered onto a strategy card. In the Gold Series Hi Low 13 European Blackjack online casino game, players can alter the strategy card as they wish. The player’s preferences can then be saved and the auto-play feature will then operate according the player’s own strategic preferences.

Players can also customize all the sounds that are heard in the course of the game. If preferred, the player can enable the “All Sound” option. This will ensure that there is light background music playing all the while that the game is in progress. The Dealer’s voice is very realistic and will urge players to set their new bets at the close of every deal. The Dealer also announces the player’s total as well as their wins. Naturally, all of this helps to make this online casino game all the more realistic and enjoyable.


Gold Series Hi Low 13 European

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