The Gold Series Double Exposure Blackjack online casino game is just one of the Gold Series games offered by Microgaming. Microgaming is a top rated online casino game software developers on the market today. They started in 1994 and with the launch of Viper in 2002; they have reached new levels and now are one of the dominating forces in online casino software. The game comes with excellent high quality graphics, ambient as well as game sounds. The game also includes an adjustable speed feature and an Auto play feature.

Game Basics

The game consists of speed levels. Players can see both of the dealer’s cards. However, the game is designed so that players can only bet one hand at a time and there are some rules, which will work against the player. The game is played by shuffling eight full 52-card decks. Each round requires a reshuffle of the deck.

The game’s objective is to get 21 or as close as possible without going over and have an amount closer than the dealers. In the Gold Series Double Exposure game, the game is handled a little differently than other Blackjack games. Generally, in blackjack the dealer’s cards are face down. In this game, they are face up. The hand you are playing against will be completely visible instead of hidden such as in a normal game.

As a result of this feature, natural blackjacks will pay even instead of 3 to 2. The dealer must also hit a soft 17. These are all differences from your standard blackjack game. The game has no hole card checking. There is also no insurance because the dealer’s hand is automatically revealed. This is to the players advantages since in most instances insurance is considered to be a bad percentage. Additionally, the player will receive a win if the player and dealer both hit Blackjack all other ties are won by the dealer.

Splitting is available in this game. You can split ten-value cards that are differently ranked such as a Queen and a Jack. There are three available splits making a total of four playable hands. There is one exception; split Aces only allow a single cared to be drawn. Split aces hit with a ten are not considered blackjacks but they are considered“21”.

The minimum bet is one with a maximum bet of 200. In Gold Series Double Exposure Blackjack has the following rules, Dealer hits on 16 but also soft hits on 17. Doubling down is allowed on 9, 10, and 11 only. Only one hand at a time can be bet. Tied hands are “pushes” however, bets are not returned.

The game has no bonuses or special features other than the differences between a standard blackjack games. The graphics are excellent, music suitable and not considered distracting. The game has multiple speeds and players have the option of seeing the dealer’s hand, which is different from other blackjack games. The payout differs as well but except for these small changes, the game is the same as other blackjack games.



Gold Series Double Exposure Blackjack

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