Double Bonus Poker may be similar in many respects to most video poker games but with a notable difference, namely, certain winning hands will yield substantially higher payouts. All of these winning hands are actually four of a kind but their actual payouts will differ depending on their rank.

The video poker game also has no wild cards. Its maximum jackpot payout is 4,000 coins for a royal flush hand. It has been described as an exciting game for veterans and an educational game for newbie players.

Software Performance

Avid video poker players know that Microgaming software is one of the best in the online gaming industry for the following reasons:

• Excellent safety and security measures against personal identity theft and credit card fraud, among others, for players

• Organized layout allowing players to easily see the game commands, click on the buttons, and plan their next move based on the information displayed on the screen

• Four speed levels – Slow, Medium, Fast, and Fastest

• Wide range of customization features including Auto-Rebet, Auto Hold, Auto Play, Game Analyzer, and Optimal Play Hints

Players who are familiar with video poker will find Double Bonus Poker to be a breeze in terms of understanding its rules and payouts. The game uses a standard 52-card deck with regular poker rules.

Quality of Graphics

Players generally appreciate the graphics on Double Bonus Poker. It has easy-to-read design with clear fonts, vivid images, and bright colors although many players attested that the designers could have done a better job. You may even observe that the graphics may not be spectacular but these are sufficient for the purpose.

Bettors can also disable or enable the three types of sounds in the game, namely, win sounds, game sounds, and background sounds. You can use any or all of the sounds for customization purposes or use none at all in case you want a quiet environment.

Betting Options

Players love the opportunity to double their winning hands over and over again. The payouts can be summarized as follows: (The payouts are based on a 5-coin bet)

• 5 coins for Jacks or Better

• 5 coins for Two Pairs

• 15 coins for Three of a Kind

• 25 coins for Straight

• 35 coins for Flush

• 45 coins for Flush

• 250 coins for Straight Flush

Then there’s the highlight of the game, namely, the Fours of a Kind with the following payouts:

• 250 coins for fives to Kings

• 400 coins for twos, threes, and fours

• 800 coins for Four Aces

• 4,000 coins for Royal Flush on a 5-coin bet

• 1,000 coins for Royal Flush on a 4-coin bet

Bettors also love the betting features provided by the Microgaming software including:

• Auto Play option for automatic play

• Optimal Play Hints feature for alerts about variance between the mathematically strongest play and player’s decision

• Game Analyzer that displays the player’s chances for a winning hand

The playing mechanics are similar to other video poker games. When you are familiar with other Microgaming video poker games, you will find Double Bonus Poker easy to understand. You will, nonetheless, find that the game is as challenging as can be.

What’s Hot and Not So Hot

Double Bonus Poker is a hot property of online casinos because of the following player-friendly features:

• Expert mode and auto play features

• Doubling feature

• Four of a kind payouts

But the game’s designers should take note of its downsides. These include the substantial drop in payouts between the 4-coin and 5-coin Royal Flush hands as well as the absence of wild cards.


Double Bonus Poker

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