Deuces and Joker is a must-play game for avid video poker players. Veteran players love its benefits, such as the presence of five wild cards, the opportunity to double winnings, and the ease of making bets.

Software Performance

With Microgaming software at the heart of Deuces and Joker, players will find that the video poker game is a pleasure to play. Players find that these aspects of software performance contribute to their betting pleasure, even increase their chances of winning:

• Fast responsiveness to user commands (i.e., little lag time between clicking on a button and getting the expected action)

• Effective layout provides information in a single sweep of the screen

• Speed controls allow players to adjust the speed of the game

• Expert Mode with Auto Play feature for more control over the game results

• Wild cards are automatically placed in the highest possible winning combo

New poker players will find Deuces and Joker as an easy-to-play game especially as its rules are similar with any five-card poker game.

Players can switch into Expert Mode where Auto Play can be activated; Auto Play means that the hands are automatically dealt by the software. Players can also take advantage of the Show Hints feature, which alerts them whenever their decisions vary from the best possible mathematical action for the cards.

Quality of Animation

The designers of Deuces and Joker did a good job with the game’s animation. The graphics are designed with easy-to-read fonts, vibrant colors, and crisp images, thus, adding to the players’ enjoyment of the game. The background music including the win and game sounds can be independently enabled or disabled, as well as adjusted in volume.

Betting Options

Players can make a minimum bet of $0.25 and a maximum bet of $25 for each game. Several bets are available for Deuces and Joker including but not limited to:

• Four deuces and a joker (i.e., the highest hand in the game)

• Natural royal flush (i.e., highest hand in standard online poker)

• Four deuces

• Wild royal flush

• Five of a kind

Playing Mechanics

Players should keep in mind that there are 53 cards in Deuces and Joker; the deck includes 52 cards in a standard deck plus a joker. All the four deuces are considered as wild cards and these can be used in completing winning combinations. The joker is also considered as a wild card, which means there are five wild cards in the game.

The software shuffles the card before each game and then automatically assigns the five wild cards in their best possible winning combination.

The play mechanics can be summarized as:

• Choose the size of your bet. Click Bet One to increase the number of coins by one or click Bet max to bet the maximum number.

• Click Deal.

• Five cards will be dealt to the player who will then make the decision to hold or to discard the cards.

• Click Draw to get new cards.

Players can win 10,000 coins as the highest jackpot, which can be achieved by getting four deuces and a joker. Players with a royal flush will get 4,000 coins.

What’s Hot and Not So Hot

Deuces and Joker has hot features including:

• Doubling option

• Five wild cards

• Game statistics and strategy tools

• Auto Play in Expert Mode

Players should be aware that the payouts for lower hands are comparatively low, not to mention that subsequent prizes after the two jackpots significantly drop off in amount.


Deuces & Joker

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