The Cyberstud Poker online casino game is unlike a regular game of Poker in that the player is not playing with other players as would normally be the case in a real casino or around a real Poker table. Instead, the game is between the house (the casino) and the player. If any online casino gaming software developing company can be termed a world leader it would have to be Microgaming, and it is this very company that has developed and produced the Cyberstud Poker video casino game. As such, the game is very well designed and boasts truly good graphics and features in keeping with the standards set by this company.

The objective of the game is easy enough to understand, even for those that do not have much experience when it comes to playing the game of Poker. In a nutshell, the player’s objective is to end up holding the strongest hand. It might come as somewhat of a surprise to learn that the Cyberstud Poker casino game is not only easily accessible to those who are familiar with the game of Poker. It is also easy to follow for those familiar with Blackjack. Because of this fact, it is sure to appeal to a much wider audience. For one thing, the table is reminiscent of the Blackjack table. There are quite a few options that are easy to access as well, which helps to ensure that the game will continue to be a popular choice among Poker and Blackjack players around the world.

As is to be expected with most of the games developed and designed by Microgaming, the Cyberstud Poker online game has noteworthy graphics. The fact that it is easy to adapt for so-called “crossover” players is definitely an advantage. Also, the game is particularly good for those players that are new to the game of Poker as well. Unfortunately, although it is usually a staple feature with Microgaming’s online casino games, Cyberstud Poker does not offer players an auto-play feature. When it comes to the issue of restrictions, it must be noted that Cyberstud Poker only permits players to play a single hand. Also, only double the ante bet is permitted.

As already mentioned, the table layout will be somewhat familiar to Blackjack players as well as Poker players. It consists of 5 spaces that are located in front of the Dealer. Players place their bet in the form of an ante. Once the ante bet has been made, the cards are dealt out to the player. This is where things differ to Blackjack, because instead of the usual 2 cards being dealt, the player is dealt 5 cards instead.

The Dealer receives only 1 card at this point and it is placed face-up on the table so that the player can see it. The player is now in a position to decide whether or not to place an additional bet. If the player chooses to place the additional bet he does so by placing it on a spot on the table called the Bet Oval. This is known as a “call” and it amounts to double the ante bet. Once the player has decided whether or not to call, the Dealer then deals his own hand. The Dealer must have a King-Ace combo, because if the Dealer does not possess this combination, the player wins the hand.

For Poker player beginners, the Cyberstud Poker video casino game is especially helpful. There is a Help section where the novice Poker player can learn all about the various hands that will produce payouts. These descriptions are illustrated with graphics as well, which helps to make them easier to understand. Hands that do offer payouts include the Straight and Royal Flushes, Flush, Four, Three, and Two of a Kind, a Straight, King-Ace, and Single Pair. To view payouts there is a payout table that is easily accessed and easy to follow as well.

Cyberstud Poker

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