Bonus Deuces Wild is a great attraction to novice video poker players and provides a pleasant change to professional players through its random twists and strong bonus payouts. This exciting video poker version is produced by the world-class Microgaming gaming company.

An interesting point about this game is the many options it offers. Players like the fact that they can put more money in action over a shorter period of time. The game  has added the fully adjustable feature  where you can control and choose between playing in Slow, Medium, Fast or Fastest speeds. The additional ‘Expert Mode’ allows for a few other things like an ‘AutoPlay’ option, playing hints and stats analysis.

Though the game offers lots of big payouts, the highest available jackpot is 5000 coins when 5 coins are played on a Royal Flush. The players’ objectives in the game are not only to find as many deuces (2’s) as possible, but also to use ‘wild’ cards to get a Five of a Kind.

The game

Each of the rounds of play are played using a regular deck of 52 cards, which is shuffled before all games. The wild cards are the deuces in the deck, which can be used to make winning combinations. It is during the final deal that the software programs the deuce to convert and give you the highest winning combination possible, without your having to do a thing.

Placing bets

It’s very easy making bets on Bonus Deuces Wild. A control on the interface’s bottom left corner lets you select your chosen denomination using ‘+’ and ‘-‘signs to increase or decrease the bet size. The minimum bet you can place here is 0.25 and the maximum bet, 25. On clicking the ‘Bet One’ icon, the number of coins bet is increased by one.

To bet the maximum wager, you just have to click on the ‘Bet Max’ button and click ‘Deal’. Unless you are on AutoPlay, you receive five cards and have to decide if you want to keep or hold the cards. Once you decide, you have to click ‘Draw’ and hand plays to give the final conclusion.

Special features

When in ‘Autoplay’, your cards are automatically played to an optimal strategy which has been pre-programed in the software. You thus know you are making the best mathematical move while playing in AutoPlay’s Expert Mode.

A special feature of this video poker game is its ‘doubling’ feature which lets you play for double the amount after winning. With this option, 5 cards are dealt to you. 4 are dealt face-down while the dealer’s card is dealt face-up.

You have to choose the face-down card which you think is of a higher rank than the dealer’s card to win the game. In case you do win, you can choose between collecting and playing for double again.

Advantages and disadvantages

The highlights or advantages of the game are its wild cards, the option of playing in Autoplay, the availability of game stats and analytical tools and the doubling option.

There are however some disadvantages to the game too like it’s not too attractive conventional payouts and the fact that the offered jackpots are rather lower after the Royal Flush.


Bonus Deuces Wild

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