For those looking to enjoy a game of Blackjack with a difference, Blackjack Switch by Playtech is definitely a game worth checking out. Instead of playing the game with the usual one hand, players get to play a two-hand variant. The game begins with the player being dealt two cards in each hand. The player then has the option of whether to switch the second cards or not. Switching the second hand can obviously improve the standing of either one or both of the hands they were dealt. The Blackjack Switch online casino game also offers what is called a Super Match side bet.

Players place their bets by simply clicking on their chosen coin denomination. Once they have decided how much they wish to wager, the next step is to click on the relevant betting area on the user interface. If the player wants to take advantage of the Super Match side bet, this is accomplished by placing a separate wager. Once all of the bets are in place it is time to click on the “Deal” button. The cards are then dealt out and it is now that the player is presented with the option to take advantage of the Blackjack Switch, or not. There are other options available as well; however, it is advisable for players to take advantage of the Switch option before they use any of the others that are available.

The other options that the player may or may not choose to utilize require some usual decision making. As with regular Blackjack, the player must choose whether to stand, take a hit or insurance, or whether to double or split their hands. Naturally, the hands are played one at a time in much the same way as regular Blackjack. The player can choose to begin another game by simply clicking on the “New Game” button. Thereafter, the player can select the “Re-bet” option if they want to. By clicking the “Re-bet” button, the player can then place the same wager as before. If this option is taken, the next dealing process will begin automatically. Of course, the player does not have to place the same bet if he or she does not wish to. They can place a completely different bet if they prefer and then click on the “Deal” button.

The Blackjack Switch online casino game is rather unique and is not offered by other games developers and suppliers except Playtech. The option to switch the cards serves to improve the player’s odds and encourages more participation on the part of the player in the game. The customization options are excellent, affording the player a lot of scope to set up the game in a way that best suits their preferences. Of course, the Super Match side bet is a wonderful feature as well. While there are all these benefits to this online casino game, it must be noted that they come at a cost in that the regular payouts are not as rewarding and are somewhat reduced. Also, some of the normal rules that govern the game of Blackjack are different in order for the Switch option to be available.

The Blackjack Switch online casino game begins when the player has placed their bet. A minimum wager of $1.00 is permitted and the maximum wager is $300.00. Once all the cards have been dealt it is time to settle the Super Match side bet. If the four cards that the player received have two or more identical rank cards, the player is then given their payout, which can be viewed on the payout screen. If not, the bet is lost. Although the Switch option, if taken, must be utilized first, it is not compulsory for the player to make use of it if they do not want to. The only reason a player would make use of the option is if it will prove to be advantageous to them, otherwise it is unnecessary.


Blackjack Switch

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