Aces and Faces 100 Play is a video poker game. This game is one of many created by Microgaming, one of the leaders in online casino games. The game is a Power poker game, which means it allows the player to play 100 hands at a time. This feature attracts the majority of the players. Payout varies depending on the cards with Face cards and Aces providing the highest payouts.

Game Basics

The payout starts with four aces,  the highest possible available and then goes down the face cards. Four of any other suit are even lower than face cards and aces. The rest of the payout table is similar to other video poker games. For beginning players, there are features such as Auto play and four speeds, ranging from slow to fastest. The game offers statistics and analytical tools for strategic players. The downsides are the game can be difficult to understand and players have to deal with 100 hands at a time.

The minimum bet is one, the maximum bet is 125 and the game uses a standard deck without Jokers or wilds. To play, the player will bet on a 100-hand basis. This is shown under the hands. The player then clicks deal. Five cards are then dealt to the player and they have the option of holding or discarding. The game also has an Auto hold function. This allows the player to hold cards based on a certain pre-programmed strategy provided by the game. This is a recommendation; players can undo it on individual cards at their discretion.

Once the player has determined which cards, they want to hold the system will deal out 100 hands with the hold cards in the same position. As an example, if you had a pair of Aces, in each hand the player is dealt there will be a pair of Aces in the exact same spot as the hand dealt directly to the player. The game software will identify each winning hand as the hand is dealt. For example, if one hand shows two aces, and two kings, it will show two pair, under the hand. The payout will be issued accordingly.

Each hand uses its own deck. There is an option to double when the player wins. This is a special bonus round that allows players to pick a card out of a group of four cards. If the card is higher than the dealer’s up card is the player wins. The player is given the option to double again or collect their winnings. Payouts range from one to 5000.

Gold Series Aces and Faces 100 play power poker has a great deal of appeal. The player gets to play 100 hands at a time; there is also the variety of speeds, the auto play and hold feature, which comes with a standard pre-programmed strategy to help players. The graphics and game play are the best being from one of the top casino game software developers on the market today.



Aces & Faces 100 Play

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