50 Line Joker Poker is mesmerizing game where players play 50 hands of poker at a single time. The first hand is given to you as a large hand at the front of the screen. Your other 49 hands are listed below that and cover the bulk of the screen. Players have a chance to win up to 50 times in a single hand. This high stakes game is one you won’t want to miss.

As in most card games, the Joker is a wild card. Players will want to utilize this card to the best of their ability. Only hands that have a pair of Kings or better win this game. The best hand possible is a five of a kind. That is because a traditional four of a kind can be combined with a Joker to extend the number of possible matches.

Each game begins with players choosing their bet per coin. This ranges from .01 – .50 per hand. Next, players choose how many coins per hand they’d like to be. The more coins bet per line, the higher the payout. The total wager is multiplied by the amount of the wager by the number of coins by 50. With the bet decided, players then click the deal button.

When the button is pressed, five cards are dealt into the main hand. Players then select which cards they’d like to hold. These are marked with the phrase, “hold” over them. These same cards are held in their respected position in the other 49 games. On the next deal, the lower level games are filled with various cards. The upper hand is then completed also. The final hand that is displayed is paid according to the pay table. Keep in mind that each hand is treated as if it has access to the same 52 card deck, plus a joker. Therefore, it is possible for there to be duplicate hands in the underlying 49 games as the deck at the top.

After the player sees their winnings, they can choose to keep them. If they prefer, a gamble game is available. In this game, the player chooses to wager their entire winnings based on a second game of luck.

The bonus game begins with players being dealt four cards. The dealer is then given a card that is placed face up. Players must select a card from the four available choices that is higher than this card. If they do, their winnings are doubled. If the card is lower, the game ends and the player loses the winnings they gambled.  Players can choose to continue repeating the gamble until they are tired or they have lost their winnings.

What’s Hot?

  • The Ability to Play 50 Hands at Once
  • Joker Wild Card
  • Gamble Feature

What’s Not Too Hot

  • Pay Table Has High Minimum Requirement
  • Cards are Small and Difficult to Read

50 Lines Joker Poker is the best way to play poker online. Take a moment to play a hand of 50 and discover how exciting it is to play 50 games at one time.


50 Line Joker Poker

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